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Tag: youths

Beaten cat recovering at BARCS

Two boys beating a cat with a stick in Fell’s Point were interrupted and chased Friday by a concerned citizen, who later brought the cat to Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS).

BARCS said the cat, who they’ve named Marilyn, has a broken back leg and is still being evaluated.

BARCS officials say they have filed a police report about the incident.

The witness to the abuse chased the two boys. Unable to catch them, he returned to the cat and transported her to the shelter, according to a BARCS press release.

“The cat’s leg was very limp, completely broken,” Darlene Harris of BARCS told WBAL-TV.

BARCS said the beating of Marilyn is the second animal abuse case to come to their attention so far this year.

In January, Mittens, who had recently given birth to a litter of kittens, was reportedly doused with lighter fluid while trapped in a milk crate and set on fire by teenagers. Both Mittens and her kittens were taken to BARCS, and the two juveniles were charged with animal cruelty.

Marilyn’s medical bills, like those of Mittens, are being paid for through BARCS’ Franky Fund, a fund that relies on donations from the public to pay the veterinary bills of injured animals that come to the shelter for care. 

Donations to the Franky Fund are accepted through the BARCS website at, or in person at the shelter, located at 301 Stockholm Street in South Baltimore (near M&T Bank Stadium).

10-year-olds suspected in dogs beating death

Baltimore police are searching for three boys — believed to be ages 10 to 12 — who were seen beating a young pit bull to death at Carroll Park golf course Saturday.

And if that’s not a disturbing enough new chapter in Baltimore’s continuing saga of animal abuse, consider this: According to a Baltimore Sun report, Animal Control officers didn’t arrive at the golf course until more than five hours after the incident was reported to police.

A golf course maintenance worker, Rob Whiderman, saw the youths beating the puppy with a tree branch at the municipal golf course in Southwest Baltimore.

Screaming at them to stop, he drove his golf court to where they were, chased them to the railroad tracks and lost them.

He said he called police, who notified animal control, but they didn’t arrive until about 5:30 p.m., five hours after he called.

“It looked like every bone was broken in its body,” Whiderman told WJZ. “It looks like it broke its back, legs.  We tried to pick it up and nothing was attached.  It was like he didn’t have bones.  Like jelly.”

Whiderman said the youths were between 10 and 12 years old.  Police later found a red-and-white-striped polo shirt, a tree branch and a cell phone that might have been dropped by one of the youths.

But between the two agencies, the police department and animal control, there seemed to be little urgency in responding to the call of an animal being tortured, and even less once the dog had died.

Whiderman said he returned to the golf course Sunday morning and found the dead dog still lying in the woods. He called police again, who responded and wrote a report.

The police report confirms that animal control did not remove the dead puppy when they arrived Saturday afternoon, the Sun reported.

8-week-old pit bull beaten to death by kids

A pit bull puppy died after being beaten by a group of youngsters Saturday near Baltimore’s Carroll Park Golf Course.

Officials say golfers saw three kids beating the puppy and chased them away.

The golfers tried rushing the animal to a vet, but it was too late. The puppy died on the way.

The golfers returned to the golf course where Animal Control was called to pick up the puppy, WJZ reported.

Officials say the dog, which was about eight weeks old, was beaten with a stick.

A necropsy was to be performed today. Anyone with any information is asked to call Animal Control at 410-0396-4688.

The incident is the latest in a series of cruel attacks on animals in Baltimore, and they come at a time when the city is cutting back funding to the Bureau of Animal Control and animal welfare organizations such as BARCS.

Last week, a family’s pit bull-shepherd mix was attacked by a neighbor wielding a machete, resulting in numerous injuries and the loss of an eye. On Easter Sunday, a pit bull was pelted with stones by a group of youths, and last summer a dog named Phoenix was set on fire, later dying from her injuries.

Reward grows to $6,000 in Christy case

christyA $6,000 reward is now being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the youngsters observed throwing rocks and bricks at a pit bull puppy on Easter Sunday in Baltimore.

The puppy, who was tied up at the time, was taken to Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS), where — now named Christy — she is recovering.

The dog was treated for numerous injuries after the incident, which was witnessed by a citizen who alerted authorities. The witness tried to stop the youngsters from pelting the dog, which was tied up on the 3700 block of Greenspring Avenue near the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School. When he approached, the youths began throwing rocks and bricks at him, but he was still able to rescue the dog.

When Christy arrived at BARCS she had a swollen snout,  and wounds to a paw and her ears and hemorrhages in both eyes. Dr. Sherry Seibel, Veterinarian at BARCS, said that Christy is doing well, “Her symptoms are resolving. The swelling is going down and all of her wounds are healing. She is the sweetest dog, and a very forgiving soul.”

BARCS officials say there has been an outpouring of concern from the community in response to the incident. The Snyder Foundation for Animals is offering $1,000 in reward money, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is offering $2,500, and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is offering $2,500.

This case is under active investigation by the Baltimore City Bureau of Animal Control. Anyone with information about the case is urged to contact them at 410 396-4698. All tips are confidential. Informants must be 18 years or older to be eligible for the reward.

Children pelt tied dog with rocks and bricks

christy1[1]On Easter Sunday, a bloodied 1-year-old dog who’d been pelted with rocks and bricks was brought into Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter. Staff named her Christy.

Christy was treated for injuries that included several wounds on the top of her head, a swollen and bruised snout, a bloodied nose, hemorrhages in both eyes and a wound on the dorsal surface of a front paw.

The Baltimore Bureau of Animal Control is investigating the case, which was reported by a witness who saw a group of  youths — estimated to be 12 or 13 years old — throwing rocks and bricks at a dog who was tied up in the 3700 block of Greenspring Avenue near the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School.

When a concerned citizen went to rescue the dog, BARCS officials say, the youths began throwing rocks and bricks at him.

Animal enforcement officers are contacting the school to determine if the surveillance cameras captured the incident.

Jennifer Mead-Brause, BARCS executive director, appealed to any one with information about the case to step forward.

“This is another shocking incident of animal abuse. Once again the fact that perpetrators are so young … is very disturbing. These young people are in urgent need of help. Incidents of animal abuse are a key predictor of violent criminal behavior.”

Any one with information is asked to call the Baltimore city Bureau of Animal Control at (410) 396-4698.

Mead-Braus added, “I urge people living in the neighborhood to pay close attention to their companion animals. Animals who are allowed to roam at large are an easy target for this type of abuse.”

Boy and dog reunited after puppy robbery

The puppy that was stolen from a 13-year-old Montgomery County boy on Saturday was reunited with him on Sunday, authorities said.

Montgomery County police said a man in the Montgomery Village area discovered the missing 8-week-old puppy on his porch Sunday morning, recognized it from television reports and telephoned police.

Police later brought the dog to the boy’s home in the Gaithersburg/Montgomery Village area, the Washington Post reported

The dog, whose name is Yeti, was taken about 2 p.m. Saturday as the boy was walking with the 8-week-old puppy near Snouffer School Road and Ridge Heights Drive, police said. Montgomery County Police said the unnamed boy was approached by two other youths, who grabbed the puppy and ran.

A neighbor said  the boy was “pretty distraught,” after the robbery, but “very excited” to have the puppy back. Neighbors said the boy and Yeti were out playing again in their neighborhood Sunday.

Twin brothers, 17, arrested in pit bull burning

Baltimore police  have charged two teenagers with dousing a pit bull with gasoline and setting it on fire, but a press conference on the arrests was canceled yesterday.

Police said the arrests were made over the weekend.

The suspects were charged as juveniles, and their identities have not been made public. One TV report, however, identified them as 17-year-old twin brothers.

A WBAL-TV report identified the boys’ mother as Denise Griffin. Mrs. Griffin said her sons were taken in for questioning on Friday night.

“I know they didn’t do it. I keep hearing different things around the neighborhood about the dog ran up to there. The dog — nobody said the dog was right there. So, I feel as though I know my boys didn’t do it. It’s a reward out and then wasn’t nobody picked up around there until they said something about a reward,” Griffin said.

The case had raised the ire of animal welfare advocates across the country, and between public donations and those from humane organizations, thousands of dollars poured into a reward fund for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those who killed the dog, who was named Phoenix after she arrived at the Baltimore animal shelter.

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