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Turning your spigot into a doggie fountain

wd_lickNot too many dogs are full-time outdoor dwellers these days, but for those who are, and even those who aren’t, here’s a product that makes good sense, especially on days as miserably steamy as yesterday.

The WaterDog hooks up to your spigot and turns on when it senses your dog approaching, spewing out some fresh water to quench his thirst.

It then turns off when your dog leaves the area.

The device helps keep your dog from drinking from a stagnant pool, keeps you from constantly having to fill the water bowl and ensures he always has water.

Its inventor came up with the idea on his daily walks with Romeo, his Great Dane. Anxious over wheter the dog was getting dehydrated, the inventor would stop and turn on spigots in front of houses under construction.waterdog

That led to Romeo walking up to any spigot he saw and waiting there for his owner to turn it on — a minor inconvenience.

“As I thought more about how much Romeo loved to drink from the spigot, I decided to build one at the house, so that he could have it all the time. This was partly out of love to Romeo but also out of laziness from me, since having a device like this would free me from the chore of keeping water available,” the inventor, a mechanical engineer, says on his website.