Can Yorkies eat eggs?

Can Yorkies eat eggs?

Can Yorkies eat eggs?

Can Yorkies eat eggs? Scrambled, Boiled, Fried or Raw –  Like most dogs, The Yorkshire Terrier would not pass up the chance to eat something that is offered, even eggs. 

The Yorkshire Terrier makes a wonderful family pet, and they make great companions too. However, to maintain their health and well-being, they should have a well-balanced diet. 

Do eggs offer any nutritional value to your Yorkie, are there risks involved with allowing them to eat eggs? In this article, we will answer these questions.

What are the nutritional benefits of eggs?

Similar to cheese, eggs provide a great source of protein and are packed full of nutrients and vitamins; they contain vitamins B12, A, D and so much more –  which are crucial for your Yorkie as they help to grow teeth and bones, and they also help to keep your Yorkie’s coat looking healthy.

Eggs are so nutrient-rich that they turn cells into baby chicks. However, when eggs are cooked, they lose some of this nutrition. So if you want your Yorkie to get the most nutritional value out of eggs, always offer them raw. 

Can Yorkies eat eggs?

What are the risks associated with eating eggs?

You should always consult with your vet if you plan on feeding eggs to your Yorkie, particularly if they have any medical conditions that would make them worse should they eat them. In general, there are few health risks, but one of the main concerns are with egg whites. Egg whites contain enzyme inhibitors, and dependent upon the dog can interfere with their digestion system. 


To conclude, Yorkies can eat eggs regardless of how they are cooked. They provide a good source of protein and are packed full of nutrients, which helps boost their immune system. However, eggs should only be given in moderation alongside their regular meals or as a tasty treat.