When Do Dogs Need Supplements to Better Their Health? Paws-itive Benefits

It’s common for humans to take supplements to improve their health, and many pet owners wonder whether their furry friends need the same. But the need for supplements depends on several key factors. While some dogs do need supplements, they can get sick if they eat too many. Keep reading to learn more about canine … Read more

10 Best High-Calorie Dog Food in 2024 – Start a Healthy Diet for Your Pup

Weight Gain Dog Food

When it comes to dog diets, vets usually prescribe low-calorie foods, whilst some breeds require high-calorie types in order to thrive and develop. There are various brands of quality food on the market; you just need to know which one to go for. In order to help you make the right choice, we have made … Read more

FDA: Don’t Give The Dog A Bone, Ever

Giving your dog a bone — any bone —  is a dangerous practice that can cause serious injury to your pet, the Food and Drug Administration says. It’s not like they’re recalling bones, but the agency has issued a warning in an article appearing on the FDA’s online Consumer Updates page. However popular the idea may be that it’s … Read more

10 Best Low Residue Dog Food in 2024 – For Dogs With Sensitive Bellies

Low Residue Dog Food

As a dog owner, it is important to be aware of your four-legged friend’s health and nutritional needs. Fortunately, today’s market offers everything you need to keep your pooch’s diet healthy, so in this article, we are going to talk about the best low residue dog food. When implemented correctly, a low-residue diet can do … Read more

How Often Should A Yorkie Be Bathed

How Often Should A Yorkie Be Bathed

If your Yorkshire terrier plays outside regularly, you should plan on bathing him once per week. During winter, when your Yorkie is likely to spend more time indoors, you may choose to bathe them …

Can Yorkies eat eggs?

Can Yorkies eat eggs?

Can Yorkies eat eggs? Can Yorkies eat eggs? Scrambled, Boiled, Fried or Raw –  Like most dogs, The Yorkshire Terrier would not pass up the chance to eat something that is offered, even eggs.  The Yorkshire Terrier makes a wonderful family pet, and they make great companions too. However, to maintain their health and well-being, … Read more