How To Know If A Seller Is Selling You A Purebred Puppy – 2024 Guide

Love for animals makes people do things out of the blue. But doing things out of the blue may not be right. If you are a dog lover dying to get one at your home at any cost, many breeders are in the market to help you with it.

But, your love should not make you blind into trusting anyone who promises you the dog breed that you want. Many breeders with selfish motives are roaming to take undue advantage of your love.

Did you know that puppy scams in Australia have increased fourfold within a year, and the current number stands at more than $1.6 million? But it does not mean you will not come across genuine ones. It all comes down to one thing you need to spot the most reliable one. You can visit this site if you are trying to get your hands on ethical dog breeders to welcome your new member at home.

Here are some tips that will save you from the scam, and know that you are dealing with a seller who is true to their profession of selling you purebred puppies.

1. Pay Attention To The Patterns


The hoax breeders have their eyes on the profit, and they pay the least attention to buyers or the condition in which the little pup can potentially land. However, you will spot professionalism and care in the dealing of a legitimate breeder. Such breeders will never miss a chance to know details about your experience as a dog parent, your preparedness, and the steps you have taken for your pet to have a comfortable stay at your home.

Sometimes, they can begin asking you questions like your purpose in buying a dog or any particular breed. Also, they can ask you questions regarding your preparedness. So, don’t get confused, as they ensure that the little one gets the love it deserves from a responsible home.

2. Everything That They Discuss Related To Dogs


When you plan to get a purebred at home, there are many things that you wish to ask the breeder. It is normal, and you need not shy away from the same. But, there can be situations where the breeder begins discussing the dog’s routine, habits, likes, and dislikes with you. It is also normal, and you should take it positively as the breeder trusts you to be the right owner for their pup.

But, if the conversations are only about money and the mode of payment, there can be something fishy. It is instinctive for dog owners or lovers to discuss their pets whenever they get information about them. But, a breeder who is after you to get the money is interested in it only. He may do scams like not providing purebred and trick you with the purchase. So, you have to be careful as the issues of buying a mixed breed can be more.

3. No Pet Place Tour Allowance


Whenever you plan to buy a purebred pet, you have various options to choose between the available ones. Usually, the breeders don’t have anything to hide from the customers. They offer additional options like pet place tours so that people can see their options and decide accordingly. These places are either the kennel, the breeder’s home, or any place set up by the breeder for a similar purpose.

If the breeder does not invite you for a tour from their end, you can ask them to take a tour of the pet place. But, if they deny it, it’s obvious that something is fishy. You can ask about the tour on the next visit, but if they deny it again or make bizarre statements, you should not trust them. Also, during your tour, you can check the cleanliness of the premises, the condition of the pets and place, the smell, and others. All these things will help you build trust in the seller.

4. Site Legitimacy


While visiting the site where the little lovables are kept, you need to check whether it is an industrial site. Legitimate sellers do the transactions at their homes or have a dedicated setup. You should pay attention to the address details when you are provided with them. For example, if you are invited to a place tour, a warehouse, or an industrial estate, you need not bother visiting it. It is a trap, and you will be disheartened by whatever you see here.

Purebred sellers treat the puppies like their own and hence, don’t compromise on anything when it comes to their health and safety. If you don’t see any of it, there is a high chance that the transaction is for money, and no one can guarantee you the purebred of your dog’s purchase.

5. Meet Ups With Dog Parents, Testimonies, Or Reviews


Whenever you plan to get a purebred at your home, you can get in touch with people who have taken puppies from the same seller as yours. Whenever you are visiting the place or are meeting the seller, there are chances that you can meet dog parents over there.

If not, there can be recommendations from people when you show interest in buying a purebred puppy. In such a case, you can look for testimonies and reviews related to the person you are planning to deal with. You will have a better idea about their services and their experience.

If nothing is available related to the same, it is your right to have concerns about the seller’s authenticity and the breeds they sell. There should be someone who can guarantee you a good purebred purchase; if not, you need to look for other options.


It is not a difficult task if you want a purebred puppy at your home. All you need to do is get in touch with an authentic and experienced seller. You need to be cautious of fraud and not let anyone take your love for puppies for granted. You can follow these tips so that you are sure about your purebred puppy purchase.