Yorkshire Terrier: What You Should Know Before Buying

Yorkshire Terriers are a colorful breed of dog, encompassing a delightful temperament and sweet personalities that attract people of all ages. A Yorkie’s colors typically fall in the blue, silver and tan pigments but can change throughout the years. Another great feature that draws animal lovers to Yorkies is that their coat does not shed. Yorkshires are not your typical “yappy” dogs, only barking when startled or to alarm you when someone arrives at your house. So what should you know when seeking a Yorkshire terrier puppy?

Before visiting a dog breeder, consider looking into a rescue center dedicated to helping Yorkies find their forever homes. Yorkies typically range between $500-$2,500, which may or may not be a deterrent to finding your new pet. Your local animal shelter is another place to look into as well.

If you are interested in purchasing a Yorkie from a dog breeder, it is wise to do a little research about this particular breeder first.

  • What personality types do the mom and dad have (the dogs, not breeders)? Look for parents that are not timid, aggressive, shy or hyperactive. If they are, most likely their puppies will be as well.
  • What is the condition of the home? How many dogs do they have? Do you believe the breeders are able to give the individual dogs and puppies adequate amount of attention and affection? Ignored dogs and puppies might show personality problems later on.
  • Will they show you the whole breeding area? All the animals? If not, this is could be a bad sign. Insist upon seeing everything; take charge of the situation. You are the one paying the money, and they rely on your business. If they still will not show you, it might be a good idea to get an animal protection service involved.
  • How old is the dam (momma)? Responsible breeders wait until the female is around two years before breeding a dog and do not breed them every cycle, therefore once a year. The benefits of a breeder waiting until the female reaches two years of age is that it gives the owner a chance to evaluate the dog’s personality and temperament.
  • Make sure the breeders have a clear, updated record of the puppy’s medical records. All shots should be updated, and they should be able to tell you what the pup still needs.
  • A responsible breeder does not let you take the pup home until 12 weeks of age. By this time puppy should be fully weaned, both physically and emotionally, from its mother.

If you are seriously considering a Yorkshire Terrier, Yorkshire Terriers for Dummies by Tracy Barr is an informative and helpful read.

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