8 Signs That Your Dog Sees You as a Pack Leader

Dogs can be trained to follow certain behaviors for a variety of purposes. Every dog needs training while it is still small. All training is not performed in the same way. You will need more than a few training sessions to solidify the commands and get the results.

Sometimes you will need to hire a professional dog trainer, or nowadays a profession better known as a dog behaviorist, and you can find here more information on it. And the dog, like any pet, requires enough time, attention, and commitment. Many owners think that it is enough just to house a dog and feed it regularly. However, these pets require much more attention and work with them. The goal is to make them a friend, not trouble in the home. The road to it is very long and you need patience to succeed. We ask you not to be one of those owners who easily give up their pets and leave them on the street. In such a case it is better not to get a dog at all.

But if you are a serious owner who wants only the best for your pets, then we recommend that you devote time to professional dog training. And how do you know that you have succeeded in your intention? If your dog sees you as a pack leader, then you are already on the right track. But how do you recognize those signs?

Stay with this article, because we have some interesting data for you:

1. How to start training?

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We should practice what the dog has learned every day and repeat the learned habits and routines together. At the same time, we should reward the dog if he does something good. This is repeated in cycles so that a pattern of behavior is embedded in their memory and they associate it with certain commands. Otherwise, the dog will quickly forget the learned and acquired knowledge in the training process.

You can also do this with the help of a professional trainer or behaviorist and make sure that the dog finally sees you as the boss. As inhumane as it may seem, some dog breeds must be properly trained to keep them from causing trouble in the home.

2. The dog responds to your voice and commands

The situation we described in the previous paragraph will make your dog recognize your voice and commands. Some dogs are able to detect tones in the voice, such as anger, disappointment, sadness or command. When they respond appropriately, it means that your training job is well done. This way the dog knows who is giving the commands and when to obey. It seems like a long and difficult process, but it is not impossible to perform it in a very short time.

3. The dog does not pull the leash when you are on a walk

Many times you have seen from the side how the dog pulls the owner, instead of both peacefully enjoying the walk. Dogs that pull on a leash have behavioral problems and can be dangerous to their owner.

Dogs have enough strength to pull a really tall and big man and it happens unpredictably. But well-trained dogs won’t do that. Rather, they will stay by their owner’s side and will not run or pull unless commanded to do so.

4. The dog has regular eating habits

Unlike cats, dogs are routine pets. They know what time food is served and don’t add anything in the meantime. They also know they have to be good to get a treat. But another sign shows that the dog sees you as an alpha or someone to be obeyed.

Next time you eat, notice if the dog starts before you take the bite or after. Very often, trained dogs that follow their owners’ meal schedules wait for the humans to start eating first, and then for them to start eating.

5. They show significant affection

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The dog will be attached to you, even when you punish or forbid it. This is just another indication that they see you as a dominant person and that you are the one who defines what needs to be done.

And even when you raise your voice, the dog does not get angry but allows you to give the command. Do you need more proof that you did a great job?

6. The dog does not steal food from you

Many pets have no boundaries and steal from their owners’ food. Many people don’t even think to eat something, because somehow, the dog is always nearby, stalking the food. It’s a sign that he doesn’t obey your orders and that your “no” means nothing to him.

On the other hand, dogs that wait patiently for you to hand them your food or listen to you when you say it’s impossible to mean that they see you as a pack leader.

7. They never come home first

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A good dog will wait for you to cross the threshold. Pampered dogs will hang around your legs and entering the house can be a real horror movie. We’re sure you wouldn’t want to convince yourself after a few minutes a day that he missed you coming in and couldn’t calm the dog down.

8. Lets you brush their teeth

Dogs often have dental problems and bad breath. But it is difficult to introduce a habit of regular dental hygiene. Many dog owners manage to brush their pets’ teeth without the dog biting the brush or worse, trying to bite you, and cause injury.


All of these things mean that the dog is disciplined and you are the authority in the relationship. If there are tradeoffs in any way that you don’t like, there is always room for correction. It is enough just to be patient and wish the best for your pet. Some breeds learn faster than others because they are more intelligent. Others easily lose focus during training. Be patient and persistent. And don’t forget to enjoy it with your dog.