Chorkie Puppies: Temperament and Care Guide

Chorkie Puppies: Temperament and Care Guide

What is a ‘Chorkie’?

A ‘Chorkie’ is the resulting offspring between a full blooded Chihuahua and a full blooded Yorkshire Terrier. Chorkie puppies are not considered to be purebred regardless of whether both of the parents were of pure bloodlines. Therefore, chorkie is not a registered breed of dog—it is a crossbreed. As with most crossbred dogs, there is no guarantee exactly how the resulting chorkie puppies will look, act, or behave. In some instances, a puppy will “take” better to one half of its breed in looks and/or temperament while in other cases, the puppy could end up being a nice mish-mash of both breeds. In order to get a good idea of what kind of puppy the chorkie can turn out to be, let’s take a look at the parent breeds separately.

Physical Description: Yorkshire Terrier

Ahh…the Yorkshire Terrier. This breed of dog has a positively “rascal” look to it. Although the typical terrier is considered to have a short but tough physique, the Yorkshire terrier is rather small boned and a bit more fragile in comparison to his cousins, the cairn terrier and the Scottish terrier. The Yorkshire terrier has long fur that must be brushed daily and clipped regularly. This breed has a very compact body comprised of a small round head, short back, and proportionate legs. The tail is typically docked with this breed. Yorkies are considered to be primarily blue-black with accents of gold or tan on the face and ears, the chest, the legs, and the feet. A standard sized yorkie should weigh in around eight pounds, although they do have a tendency to become overweight if spoiled too much!

The Yorkshire terrier can seem quite energetic, but due to its size, most Yorkies are able to get an adequate amount of exercise indoors and through a daily walk or run around the yard. This is a breed that is often chosen due to its frailty and small bone structure. It is a dog that looks like it needs to be protected and mothered; therefore it is often chosen as a lap dog. A Yorkshire terrier may be at higher risk of sustaining a broken bone if it were to fall or attempt to jump from a high place. It is, however, very compact and is an excellent choice for someone who lives in a small home or apartment or who wants a lightweight dog that can easily be carried around or snuggled with.

Physical Description: Chihuahua

The Chihuahua is a purebred dog that hails from Mexico where this breed literally runs wild! The Chihuahua is the world’s smallest breed of dog (because “teacup” dogs don’t count as standalone breeds). The average Chihuahua will weigh anywhere from two to eight pounds, carrying the brunt of that weight in the midsection. Due to their small size and bone structure, extra care must be taken in handling a Chihuahua, as an adventurous leap from your arms or accidently stepping on him could easily lead to a broken bone. Chihuahuas have a characteristic apple shaped head topped off with large pointed ears. They can have either long or short hair and come in many colors, including tan, blue, silver, and tan and brown. Light brushing every couple of days is about the extent of this breed’s grooming needs. They also tend to live a long time, so that could be an added bonus for someone who is looking for many years with their companion.

The Yorkshire Terrier’s Personality

The Yorkie’s personality is easily described as lively, smart, and curious. They also tend to be a bit stubborn and will easily become ruler of the castle if ground rules are not enforced from a young age. For the most part, this breed will get along with other dogs but tends to scrap around with larger dogs (small dog syndrome). This type of terrier can live with cats although quick movements tend to spark his curiosity and set this dog running (and pouncing). If obedience is enforced at an early age, the Yorkshire terrier can be exceptionally bright and willing to please his family. Yorkies have been known to sway towards a willful and self-pleasing nature if this attitude is not quickly corrected. Loyalty isn’t a question with this breed—they are quick to bond with a loving family and will certainly not back down from the opportunity to protect loved ones. Be warned that Yorkies are quick to sound the alarm any time a foreign noise or scent crops up. Excessive barking can become an issue. In general, the Yorkie breed is fun loving and happy…and little bit stubborn. They have a tendency to act tough as nails but owners should remember that the Yorkie is a fragile breed.

The Chihuahua’s Personality

Chihuahuas have a very genuine disposition. They can be a little bit goofy and eccentric, but they would definitely keep their owner entertained! There are two extremes that crop up in Chihuahua personality. One is a suspicious nature that feels threatened by strangers. This type of Chihuahua personality is more likely to bark and growl at strangers and can bark excessively when new strange sounds are heard. The other type of Chihuahua personality is confident and a little feisty. This type is more likely to welcome strangers after being properly introduced. Chihuahuas must be socialized with humans and other dogs from a young age or they may become timid, overly suspicious, and snappy towards strange people and dogs.

The End Result: Chorkie Puppies

Chorkie puppies are undoubtedly going to be small in size and may either be long or short haired, depending on what type of fur the Chihuahua parent has. A short snout and good sized ears are another likely physical trait to crop up. As far as the chorkie personality goes, this could really be a gamble. The best you can do for your puppy is to socialize him well to discourage shyness and timidity, which is a common occurrence in both Yorkies and Chihuahuas.