How to stop a Yorkie puppy from biting and chewing

How to stop a Yorkie puppy from biting and chewing

The time for a Yorkie to learn what is okay and not okay to chew or nip is when they are still a puppy. Believe it or not, dogs have to chew, it’s in their nature, and their toys are sometimes not enough to satisfy these bad habits.

How to stop a Yorkie puppy from biting

To keep your puppy from nipping try the following method.

Sometimes simply getting more exercise can stop the nipping, we noticed this in our Yorkie. Your puppy may have too much energy that needs to be burned off. Try taking your Yorkie out for a walk on a daily basis or longer walks a few times a week. Find fun play games to do in the house like fetching a tennis ball.

We found that after we adopted another Yorkie, the nipping and chewing decreased because they have each other to play with. If you cannot give your dog the exercise that he needs, try adopting another puppy or dog, they will give each other plenty of exercise.

How to stop a Yorkie puppy from chewing

To prevent your Yorkie from chewing, start training him from day one! A good training method is like playing a game with him, the “drop it game.” First, put your puppy on a leash. Second, place his chew toys around on the floor with objects that you don’t want him chewing, such as toilet paper, paper towels, wallet, slippers, pens, books, etc. Then, let your puppy explore through the clutter, when he picks up his chew toys, praise him and encourage him to play with the toy. If he picks up what he shouldn’t be chewing, give him the “drop it” command and jerk his leash (be nice). Try spraying your finger with a bitter apple spray and putting your finger in his mouth if he refuses to drop an object after you have jerked his leash.

Do this about three times daily, until he only picks up his chew toys. You can also use treats as a reward, or give him lots of praise after each correct behavior. Remember if you’re using treats as a reward, quantity is not a big deal. Try not to give your dog too much treat. Breaking the treat in pieces usually works great.