Dog Training 101: Hiring A Professional Trainer Or Going The Diy Route?

When it comes to pets, the main question is usually about whether someone is a dog or a cat person. Understandably, one doesn’t exclude the other. Anyhow, it seems that dogs are a preferred pet by many, but when it comes to training them, there are two ways, do it yourself or hire professionals.

Hiring a trainer pros and cons

Many folks choose to train their dogs themselves as they want to spend more time with their pet and simply don’t want to pay for something they are able to do. But the main question is whether just everyone can that easily do so. That is why we will first focus on the pros and cons of hiring a dog trainer, as finding a renowned program is not that difficult, and if you are looking for a dog trainer in Denver, FetchMasters can be an ideal place for your dog.


Much better results and much faster


The key point here is about knowledge, as even though someone can be an animal lover, that doesn’t instantly qualify them as a great trainer. Much time, patience, and practice are needed in order to really understand how to approach a dog, as just like all of us, every dog has different characteristics and preferences. Otherwise, people would not spend years studying dog behavior. Now, the logic behind this is simple – the more knowledge one person has about a certain subject, or, in this case, dog behavior, the more successful they will be training them.

Understandably, sometimes even the best in this field can struggle to train a dog or help them learn even the simplest tricks, but that’s highly unlikely as those who already are in this line of work for quite some time have so much experience that they precisely know how to reach that desired goal. On the other hand, training your dog at home and spending more time with your pet will surely create a much stronger bond between you two, but that doesn’t grant anything regarding how much success that would bring.

Success is granted

Regardless of which program one chooses to go with, successful training is granted, which is not something we can say for when one trains their dog at home. Once again, knowledge is the key here, and this is something that experts in this field have plenty of, unlike most of us dog owners. Overall, even though the cost of such a program might seem like a problem or even a needless expense, if you really want your dog to be trained, trusting that job to professionals is always the best possible decision.


The expenses

Understandably, the biggest con against hiring experts is how much we will have to pay. Namely, the costs for such services vary a lot, as many factors dictate the price, like the type of program, whether there are some special requests, and how long it would all last. Of course, these costs are nothing compared to how much time we will otherwise spend, and in essence, the cost of such a program is not that high, and with a bit of research, you can easily find a program with great recommendations and success rate that doesn’t cost that much.

Pros and cons of DIY dog training


Training our furry friend at home on our own also has some benefits and flaws, just like anything else, so we will explain them further in the text below and try to make the final decision easier.


Establishing a strong bond


There is no better way to establish a healthy and strong relationship with our pets than spending enough time with them, which is why deciding to teach them basic commands at home can be the best way to succeed in that. They will trust us more, and we can teach them some pretty cool tricks if we are persistent and persevere, and it can be an extremely fun way to spend our free time.

It is completely free

The best thing about DIY dog training is that it is completely free, and you will not spend any money except for treats and toys, which is probably something that you would buy anyway. Trainer’s price can depend on various factors, and if you decide to do it on your own, it will always be free, as no factors can affect the price.


It requires certain knowledge

Although training our dogs at home is a fun way to spend quality time with our furry friends and establish a healthy relationship with them, it is not easy. Namely, it requires certain knowledge, and some people simply cannot succeed no matter how hard they try. Some people are not good at teaching, and the same is with dog training, which is why we have professionals we can hire if it seems too complicated. However, it is worth trying, and now we can find many books or videos that can help us on that journey.

A lot of time is needed


Although spending time with our furry friends and teaching them how to behave can be extremely funny, it still requires a lot of time every day, which can be pretty exhausting for employed people with little free time daily. Just like every other training, it requires continuity, which is why it is probably a better idea to hire a professional if you are not sure that you will have enough time to dedicate yourself to it.

To summarize

As you can see, both ways have their benefits and flaws, and we hope we have explained them in detail and you can understand them well. Understanding them is important, as the final decision should be made based on them and your preferences, free time, and budget. If you think you have enough time and knowledge, there is no reason not to try to train your pet at home, as both of you will have fun. Otherwise, hiring a professional is probably a better idea, and it is surely worth the money.