The Power of Squeaky Toys: Why Dogs Love Them and How to Use Them

It is no secret that dogs love to play, especially with their owners. With the right dog toy, the party is twice as much fun. The dog will play with them even when alone, forgetting the other chewable items like your slippers, carpets, or any other unallowed object in the house. Play is very important for puppies and young dogs, not only to have fun and burn off excess energy but also to learn important life skills – motor skills, socialization, and so on.

Puppies start playing at the age of three weeks, and the game helps them master balance, exercise, and control their hormonal and emotional reactions. However, it is important to know that not every toy is good for your pet. One of the most basic things you need to know is that dog toys do not pass any safety tests, so there is no guarantee that any of them is not dangerous for the pet. So, when you are choosing, you choose on your own risk, hoping it is the one that would not harm your furry friend in any way.

The sound of squealing is well-known to dog owners. Although humans are not very tolerant of toys that make noise, dogs can’t get enough of them. When choosing dog toys for aggressive chewers, do not hesitate to visit this site to get more information to make sure you made the right choice. Yes, it is quite annoying for you, but you must know that your pet enjoys this game immensely. It is important to enrich the pet’s living space with different toys that will provide them with excellent content for entertainment, exercise, and psychological stimulation.


However, it is important to choose a toy of the right size, so do not give large pet toys that are too small, as they may swallow them. Some dog toys can serve multiple functions for interaction, combining common play behaviors into one. While a hard ball for a dog is not suitable for chewing, and plush toys for dogs are difficult to throw, the combination of a ball with a plush exterior is an ideal dog toy that can be both thrown and chewed.

It is a fact that dogs that have more different toys are less likely to get bored. To properly play with a dog, it is necessary not only to play often, but also in a variety of ways. Overload due to e.g. overly demanding games or games that last too long should also be avoided, as should boredom if the game is uninteresting or too repetitive. According to some studies, the kennel association says that playing with squeaky toys is a way for dogs to satisfy their urge to hunt prey.

Animals like to chew on objects that resemble those their ancestors may have hunted in the wild. This is why such toys are usually soft and make sounds, and are considered very stimulating for pets.


Most of animals explore the world with their mouths, especially when they are small. When choosing toys for your dog, you must always consider what is safe for him. Chew toys should always be the right size for the size of the dog. Strings, buttons, or scraps of fabric should be eliminated from the list of toys. There are also some that should only be given under your supervision, like string and stuffed toys. A question that bothers many is how to know which toy is best for their dog.

You will get the answer to this question by paying attention to the following things – the toy must not be too small so that your pet cannot swallow it, which of course can lead to suffocation. We are quite sure you can’t go wrong with squeaky one. Although we have already mentioned that the materials for animal toys have not passed any tests, the advice is to choose durable materials for chew toys, soft materials for cuddling toys, light materials for carrying, and natural materials for burying.


Although your four-legged love dog will most likely become attached to only one toy, it is very important to change it from time to time. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need to buy a new one every week, but make him happy every now and then. Make sure the toys look different, have different shapes, and if they’re squeaky, let them make a different sound. This is especially important in the beginning until you find out what your dog likes.

Of course, you can always be creative and come up with a toy yourself, for example, make a ball out of your worn socks. Your pet will be entertained for hours because he loves to smell you. Also, if you have children, some of their toys can also be used for your dog, but make sure that the toy does not contain small parts and that it is not plastic. For example, rubber ducks are something that will serve you well.

Final thoughts

We often refer to pets as our best friends. Accordingly, the least we can afford them is a few toys to keep them amused. Everyone who has pets is well aware that they need toys on which to exercise their jaws and thus express excess energy and entertain themselves. There is no one who has not seen the typical playful position of dogs. In some breeds, front paws far forward, butt in the air, and vigorous wagging of the tail are a clear sign, while others call attention to themselves by jumping or running wildly around, while some bring their favorite toys.

However, in addition to all toys, your pet will be the happiest when you pay attention to, when you take them for a walk or learn a new trick. Bring the ball and have fun together in the park, throw the stick that the dog will bring you again and again. Remember: the easiest way to combat boredom in your dog is to give him something to do. Regular walks and games make dogs happy and satisfied, and you can enjoy them too.