Crate Training Benefits for Your Dog or Puppy

You probably know that dogs are the most desirable and popular pets. When you get a pet, whether it’s a dog or a cat, an unbreakable bond slowly but surely builds between you. But when you get a dog, you have a friend for life. When we train a dog, we usually all choose a sweet, little dog to whom we will give our full attention, as if it were a baby. This little hairy creature will completely depend on you and your role is to teach it everything – socialization with people and other animals, respect for some basic commands, but also to learn to defecate in a certain place. Yes, you need to arm yourself with love, but also with patience because this can take months. This can be a really demanding period if the dog stays in the house.

Dog owners try to teach their pets to defecate in a certain place as soon as possible in several ways, and one of the most common is to place a mat intended for that purpose, on which a few drops of pheromone are sprayed, which will attract the dog to do what it needs to do right there. However, quite a few times it will happen that your dog misses the spot, which doesn’t sound very good. For this reason, many people buy crates or wire fences for dogs that have multiple purposes. Some think that limiting the space and teaching the dog to stay in the box is cruel. However, crate training has many advantages. Of course, on the condition that the box is used correctly and that the dog is gradually accustomed to staying in it by positive encouragement beforehand. Below, read several reasons why crate training is ideal for your pet.



We mentioned that dogs can make quite a mess when they are puppies. But understand that they simply need time while they understand what is being asked of them. If the dog is locked in a crate, he will realize that he has no choice but to do his needs right there. Of course, we are not talking about forcibly pushing the dog into the crate. It is important to create a pleasant atmosphere – insert his pillows, bowls for water and food, and favorite toys. On the other part of the space, place a mat intended for the toilet. When the dog does what it needs to do, reward it with a treat, every time. You will notice that over time, he will start asking to enter the box even when he is out of it.

Crate training shapes the dog’s behavior

Boxing in itself is neither a refuge nor a prison for a dog. For your pet, he will have the same association that you create for him. If you teach your dog to spend a certain amount of time quietly in the box, you will make life easier for both you and him. New dog owners often initially reject the idea of buying a dog cage, considering cages to be cruel. They do not realize that the cage satisfies the dog’s natural need for a den. In addition, the cage prevents many problems that dogs and their owners can have, such as defecating all over the apartment and destroying furniture in the absence of supervision over them.

Crate size


When buying a fence, crate, or any space limiter, keep in mind the final size of your dog. Maybe right now it just seems too big and unnecessary, but we believe you know that dogs reach their full size in just a few months. In this way, you will save yourself additional costs. You can visit this site to find or crate a small animal condo.

Removing the dog from stressful situations

When the dog is trained to box, you can always keep him away from situations that are stressful for him – there are many people in the house, there is food everywhere (party), you are not in the mood to constantly monitor everything, make sure that someone does not feed him under the table, etc. Or, you have friends with children visiting, so you don’t want to worry all the time whether the child will unintentionally and unexpectedly harm the dog and potentially yourself, you have friends visiting with their dog that you are not sure you want your dog to come into contact with or they don’t get along.

He will learn to be calm even in the car


Dogs that spend time in crates will easily accept being in the transporter when traveling, which is very important because, in case of an accident, they would have a better chance of surviving, and you as the driver will also be sure that they will not jump on you while you are driving.

Getting used to solitude

Even if the dog is not upset and you are happy with his progress, don’t go too far (raise the criteria) or leave him confined for too long because he may start to feel trapped and then you will have to start all over again! Crate training is also an excellent way to accustom the dog to solitary confinement. If we teach him that the cage is a safe place to rest, he will eventually learn to be alone and believe me, everyone likes to be alone sometimes.

Final thoughts

You will notice that over time boxing serves your dog more and more exclusively for resting, while he will begin to fulfill his physiological needs outside. Of course, this will not happen by itself, but you have to make an effort to achieve it by paying attention to the puppy’s behavior and taking him outside after every meal, after sleeping and playing, when you notice that he is sniffing around the house. Very quickly you will get a trained dog that will bark or scratch at the door when it wants to relieve itself.