Should Dogs Wear Pajamas to Bed? – Is it Healthy?

Care for our pets should always be at the highest level. These are living beings that we have decided to invest time and love in, so we should give it our all. When we decide on a dog, we should research well how the specific breed is kept and what they actually need to feel comfortable in the home.

We all know that animals belong to nature and that the decision to domesticate them came from people and their habits and expectations. The desire to care for an animal is truly humane, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make mistakes.

When we keep a dog we often wonder if they feel good in our home, if we give them enough food and water and if, for example, they need clothes to keep them warm. We all know that pet clothes are really popular. And while most cats actually hate clothes, the opposite can happen with dogs. We often see dogs wearing winter jackets and even pajamas at night.

Many times pet welfare societies are against dressing dogs because it is assumed that every animal has the ability to thermoregulation. However, some dogs have less fur than others, which means they may need extra clothing in some conditions. If you are sure your puppy needs some doggie pajamas, ensure you get the best for them – find here the most convenient choices that fit almost every dog.

But, how to determine if your dog really needs a pajama?

Some breeds get cold easily

If you have a husky, Samoyed, or golden retriever, they have rich fur, and probably won’t get cold easily. But breeds like pit bulls and Chihuahuas sometimes have issues with their thermoregulation, resulting in your dog shaking and being cold.

Pajamas are generally safe for all dogs, but you need to ensure they feel comfortable wearing any type of clothes.

Therefore, research the characteristics of your dog. Maybe he is one of those who catch a cold easily, but he can’t stand clothes at all. It is best to monitor how the dog behaves in changing temperatures, but also whether it sleeps comfortably at night or crawls under a blanket or some kind of cover. This is a clear indicator that your dog may need some extra protection, which can easily be supplemented with simple pet clothing.

How to check if a dog is comfortable in pajamas?

First of all, you should choose a model that will give the dogs enough comfort while wearing it. This means that you should make sure that it is not tight and does not cause unpleasant friction and discomfort. Dress the dog in pajamas once and observe his behavior. Limit the time to about half an hour, but less if necessary if you notice that he is not really comfortable.

Add a few more minutes each day, so you can judge whether it is a reaction until the dog gets used to the pajamas, or if it is not able to wear any pajamas at all.

Some dogs are better off being covered with a blanket if they feel cold. Others can settle comfortably in a warmer corner of the home and need nothing to warm them.

But, as we advised you at the beginning, if you decide to put pajamas on your dog, you should try to make them as soft and comfortable as possible for the pet.

Do you need to get your dog used to pajamas?


This is a very controversial topic between veterinarians and pet owners. Many of them believe that if the dog is cold, then you should warm it up, just as you would do for yourself and your children. But on the other hand, animals have different mechanisms for dealing with heat or cold, so we should let them make the most of their natural capacities to keep warm. Of course, this applies to completely healthy dogs, which do not have any problems that you are currently treating at the vet.

In some cases, depending on your dog’s breed, it may be necessary to help keep him warm by using a blanket or clothing. Many veterinarians are against clothing for dogs, but you must know that the weather can be quite harsh on them. That is why it is recommended to cool them in summer, but also to warm them sometimes in winter.

Most often, short-haired breeds need clothing. Among them are great Danes, French bulldogs, and pugs, but also breeds like Shih Tzu and poodles. If you have a beagle, he may shake a lot, so keep a blanket or pajamas nearby. The same can happen with pit bulls, Staffordshire Bulls, and even Labradors.

On the other hand, if you have a husky, Newfoundland, Great Pyrenees, German shepherd, Saint Bernard dog, or any similar breed that naturally comes from cold parts of the world, pajamas may just bother them.

How to act as a dog owner?


It is best to follow your dog’s behavior, but also to listen to your instinct. Too often we ignore what our pets really want because we decide to follow advice from a book or the internet. On the contrary, every pet has a unique character, regardless of what breed it belongs to and what the characteristics of that breed are.

When a dog is domesticated, many of the laws of nature cease to apply. If you buy a dog from a breeder, you must know that that specimen has never felt the real conditions of the climate and nature, so they do not have all the natural protection mechanisms. And of course, if your dog is sick, then you may need to do a lot more than put her in pajamas to sleep.

Of course, make these decisions in consultation with your veterinarian. Listen to your instincts, but most of all, follow what your dog really likes and what he would no longer want to wear. It is the only way to make an accurate assessment.

After that, things get easier for both pet owners and dogs.