Yorkie Bichon Frise Mix Breed Information – Excellent Pets for Families

A Yorkie Bichon puppy is a cross between a Bichon Frise and a Yorkshire Terrier. Often labeled as Yo-Chon, these puppies are very playful with children and make excellent pets for families.

A Yorkie Bichon in your home is naturally sociable with other dogs too.

Like any other breed, some Yorkie Bichon dogs are frequent barkers, while others are not.

If not properly taken care of, a Yorkie Bichon puppy can be relatively stubborn, making house training more difficult than with other breeds.

It is important to note that dog personalities differ like us humans.

To know more about the Yokie Bichon puppy you are planning to buy, ask the breeder about the overall temperament of the Yorkie Bichon puppy’s parents as well as how they are raised.

Yorkie Bichon Frise mix breed information

Dogs of this breed do shed a fair amount of hair, and many owners choose to keep these dogs brushed and groomed regularly to prevent excess shedding and matting.

Normally, the Yorkie Bichon puppy has curly hair and are generally white in color.

They are very affectionate, loving, and sociable. Being around people consistently makes a puppy amazing with other dogs, and with children as well.

Yo-Chons can be trained with minor difficulties in housebreaking, giving a need for consistent rules in this area. As for this breed’s stature, most of them dogs fall between 7 and 12 pounds.

Be prepared to walk any dog that has Yorkie Bichon in it because of their activity level, but they make excellent pets for apartments and small houses without backyards.

With little shedding, this dog requires a good bit of regular brushing and grooming.

Yorkie Bichon traits from Yorkies and Bichon Frise Dogs both the Yorkshire Terrier and Bichon Frise are small dogs that weigh around 7 pounds.

Yorkies are normally blue-black, gold-tan in color, with a silk-like texture of hair.

Many people describe Yorkies as bold, courageous and completely unaware of their small stature, yet these are amazingly loyal and wonderful dogs to own.

Yorkie dogs by default are great with those within the family but may be suspicious around strangers.

They may also be temperamental and try to rule the house, which requires a mature, considerate leader to make certain the dog behaves accordingly.

It is important that Yorkie owners set boundaries and stick to them.

Like Bichon Frise, these dogs are excellent companions for apartments and small houses, but will always need to be walked.