Yorkie Terrier Breed Information

Yorkie Terrier Breed Information

Yorkie Terrier Breed Information

The Yorkshire terrier–more informally known as the Yorkie has become one of the most popular breeds of small dog in the United States today. 

Cute. Energetic. Playful. Loyal. Fearless. Loving. Intelligent. Sassy. Did I mention cute?

Yorkshire terriers are tiny dogs with big hearts to whom life with a loving family is the ultimate goal. Yorkies are perky, energetic dogs who love to be with people. They are sturdy enough to make fine walking companions but small enough to get all the exercise they need running around in your home. They are active dogs who are endlessly entertaining–“colorful characters ” might be a good description. Yorkies seem to imagine themselves to be several times their actual size–something like a small child imagining himself to be a giant! Yorkies are very intelligent and readily accept training.

They love getting attention from their families and dislike being ignored for long periods of time.

Yorkies are wonderful companions for those who live alone. Their antics and playfulness are a sure-fire cure for the blues! Yorkies also get along very well with other small dogs and cats. Yorkies love to be touched and held, making them an ideal “lap dog”.

Yorkies fit well into family life and will tend to take on the characteristics of the family. Quiet households will result in quiet Yorkies. Noisy, rowdy households will result in noisy, rowdy Yorkies! Yorkies are not the quietest dog in the world, but they are not as yappy as some believe either. Yorkies will alert you that someone is at the door, but do not endlessly bark just to hear themselves sing!

Yorkies can develop remarkably long hair coats if special care is taken. You can also keep your Yorkie attractively clipped to reduce the needed grooming. Yorkies do not shed, as they have no undercoat of hair. Yorkies grow hair very similar to a human’s hair and are thus often considered great choices for those who are allergic to dog dander. Regular bathing reduces allergens to a very low level.

As adults, Yorkies should weigh no more than seven pounds to meet the breed standard regarding weight. A larger Yorkie can make a great friend–they just don’t meet the breed standard in this respect. Most show Yorkies tend to be in the 6-7 pound range. Despite advertising by some breeders, there is no such thing as a “teacup” Yorkie. That said, the term “teacup” is not an officially recognized breed. More information on this can be found here.