Are Yorkshire Terriers Smart Dogs? – Find out here!

Are Yorkshire Terrriers Smart Dogs? – Find out here!

The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most popular breeds of dog owned the world over. With their loving personality and lively attitude, Yorkies make the ideal family dog. Bred to work in mines and mills of Yorkshire, England during the 1800s, Yorkies were trained to catch mice and rats. That said, how smart are Yorkies? Continue reading to find out more.

Are Yorkshire Terriers Smart Dogs?

So, how smart are Yorkies? Well, According to leading canine psychologist Stanley Coren, the Yorkshire Terrier breed are not the most intelligent in the dog world but do have a “More than average” intelligence. A study conducted by the Professor ranked the Yorkie 27th out of 131 (Previous research ranked 34th out of 138) breeds. His research identified three traits as a sign of a canine’s intelligence those are a dog’s Instinctive behavior, how they adapt to a certain situation, and how the dog listens and obeys to human interaction. The Professor has written a fantastic book titled The Intelligence of Dogs, in this book, the professor shares his expertise with how to read your dog’s body language and how to understand the meaning of your dog’s bark, amongst a variety of other topics. For more information regarding his book, please look here.

What Impedes a Yorkie’s ability to learn?

Many factors will hinder your Yorkie from learning. From physical distractions to your Yorkie feeling lethargic or hungry, numerous elements can affect how your dog learns, and you should be aware of them before training your Yorkie.   One of the main aspects of teaching your Yorkie new things is how they are being taught. If your Yorkie is left alone at home for some time and you spend little time interacting with them, they will not be stimulated and may not absorb new things. That said, the more you introduce new skills to your Yorkie, and the more effort you put in to teach those skills, the more your Yorkie will absorb them.

How To Train Yor Yorkie

There are many ways you can help your Yorkie learn a new skill. The best and most cost-effective way this can be done is from the comfort of your home. However, there are options for you to take your Yorkie to a training class. Training your Yorkie to sit is easy and is often one of the first commands taught. When my daughter was 7, she taught our Yorkie how to do it. She took him into the kitchen where there were few distractions, held a small treat in her hand making sure he knew there was a treat in her hand, held her hand up, said the “sit” command, and he just sat.

Toys that will help improve your Yorkies’ intelligence

By playing with toys, your Yorkie will naturally increase their mental capacity, which helps them learn. Choosing the right toy for them may become a challenge, particularly if you are unsure of what you should get or if they are suitable. The toys listed below were a great help when we first started training our Yorkie.

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To conclude, we have looked at the various aspects that identify a canine’s intelligence. We have identified the importance of regular training if your dog is going to develop their skills, and how important it is for your Yorkie to receive the correct training. After all, a well-trained Yorkie will make an amazing addition to the home.