Why is my Yorkie shaking?

Why is my Yorkie shaking?

Why is my Yorkie shaking?

Have you noticed your Yorkie shaking? In this article, we discuss why this occurs and what you can do to help your little one. Often described as an episode where your dog completely shakes its body, this phenomenon may last for a few minutes or a few seconds and is something that disappears when your Yorkie is comforted or with treatment from a veterinarian.


So, what is Hypoglycemia? Hypoglycemia is the term used when your Yorkie doesn’t produce enough sugar known as glucose that gives it the energy it needs. In older dogs, low blood sugar can result from missed meals, excessive exercise, among other factors.

How to prevent hypoglycemia in Yorkies?

The most common treatment for hypoglycemia is for your vet to administer Dextrose. Dextrose is a sugar solution that is administered intravenously, and can also be prescribed as a paste. The paste is then rubbed on to your Yorkie’s gums and behind the lips.

Your vet may also advise a strict feeding routine. Such as dividing your Yorkie’s daily food intake from 1 to 2 meals per day, to 4 or 5. Your vet will advise premium quality food that contains carbohydrates, fat, and high protein content.
Limiting the amount of daily exercise is recommended, and don’t let them get too cold.

Low Body Temperature in Yorkies

The Yorkshire Terrier along with a few other breeds of dog are single-coated, meaning they only have one layer of a coat to protect them. As such, they are easily affected by rain, wind and other cold, wintery conditions.


While many dogs have thick fur to protect themselves from the elements, Yorkies have hair which is not as warm and often get cold more easily. The easiest way to prevent your Yorkie from getting a low body temperature is to dress them up.

There are a considerable amounts of clothes that are available to purchase online, but choosing the right ones for your Yorkie is important, particularly if you are trying to keep them warm. So clothes such as coats, sweaters, and shoes that cover the majority of their body are essential.


The Yorkshire Terrier is a very needy breed, and when separated from their family for too long, they suffer from separation anxiety which can trigger shaking episodes.

Moreover, Yorkies, in general, are a sensitive breed and shaking can be brought on for several reasons, such as not getting enough attention or are scared, to they are happy to see you, the Yorkshire Terrier has complex needs. So knowing how to react and care for your Yorkie is paramount to their well-being.