Can Yorkshire Terriers have blue eyes?

So, can yorkshire terriers have blue eyes? Let’s find out!

Yorkshire Terriers come in different sizes and have various coat types. Due to their attractiveness as well as their lovable and amiable attitude, yorkies are popular as pets.

One frequently asked but not necessarily obvious question concerning yorkies is whether or not they can have blue eyes.

The majority of yorkies have black or dark brown eyes at birth, while some have light brown or even hazel eyes. Green, dark blue, or hazel eyes are uncommon but possible. If a yorkie inherits the “merle” gene, there is a very small chance that they will have blue eyes, this is extremely uncommon.

Are Yorkies Born With Blue Eyes?

No, most yorkie puppies have dark eyes at birth.

Puppies from the same litter will have different levels and tones of eye color.

The colour of the dog’s eyes is produced by the body’s increased production of melanin as the puppy ages.

While they are not born with blue eyes, yorkies that inherit the “merle” gene will see color changes of the eyes, nose, and paws pads in addition to the base coat colors. The merle gene alters the black pigment in the eyes, sometimes turning dark eyes blue or causing a portion of the eye to be blue. However, because merle results in random alterations, it is also conceivable to have eyes that are oddly coloured or have blue or black eyes. Pink and black flecks may be present on the paw pads and snout.

Most yorkies have dark eyes as puppies

Can you tell if a yorkie’s eyes will stay blue?

No. The eyes of all yorkie puppies remain closed at birth and don’t open until they are about two weeks old.

Lack of melanin, the scientific name for pigment or skin colour, reaching the eyes is what give yorkie puppies their blue eyes.

When a yorkie’s puppy’s eyes open, melanin production rises, changing the colour of the eyes. This color change can take one to three months to happen.

The likelihood that a yorkie’s eyes will remain blue is incredibly unlikely.

Final thoughts

When yorkies are puppies, most will have dark eyes.

This is typical of all yorkie puppies, in fact, of all dog breeds, and it’s a natural aspect of growth.

As a yorkie ages and becomes an adult, his eyes get a different colour.

It is extremely uncommon for a yorkie to have blue eyes as an adult, and many people believe that these dogs shouldn’t be bred from since they may pass on a number of problems to their offspring.

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