Thanksgiving Dog Outfits ideas To Try in 2024

Every holiday that gathers your family members and friends deserve to be celebrated properly. When it comes to Thanksgiving, aside from turkey, it’s also important to dress adequately and make the whole experience fun. And since your furry best friend is also a member of the family, why make it a special event for it, too, by planning a special outfit to fit the occasion?

It’s a great way to include your dog in a festive spirit, and prove to everyone it’s an important part of the family.

Below are some ideas on how to combine a perfect Thanksgiving outfit…

A simple T-shirt with a thematic color scheme


Aside from being festive, this is a perfect, yet simple combination for your dog to wear. You can choose either a multicolored shirt, but keep in mind that colors need to be in an autumn scheme, or a single color one (also an autumn color, like orange).

For those who have multiple dogs, it would be super fun to buy them different autumn-colored shirts.

An outfit with a message

A dog wearing clothes is itself funny and adorable enough, but if you choose to add a funny message to the shirt they are wearing, fun is guaranteed. Not only they are a part of your celebration as family members, but this way they’ll be having an important role in the whole entertainment set. Surely, everyone’s mood would be lifted up.

An outfit with family-oriented messages


Most often, when we celebrate important dates, it’s a perfect opportunity to gather family members we don’t see that often. Some we like, some not so much, and some like us, but have a problem with the fact that we have dogs. According to PawsPurrs purchasing an adequate outfit like a turkey dog costume, can help them loosen up a little, and start feeling comfortable around dogs. If what is written on their t-shirt says something heartwarming, it will make an energy shift inside them, and they’ll be ok with being around dogs.

These messages can be heartwarming, as we said, to help you express sentiment about your guest, or, again, funny to brighten up their faces every time they see your dog.

A simple bandana makes a lot of difference

Although generally dogs like wearing clothes, there are certainly those who may not feel comfortable wearing anything. If this is your case, don’t be desperate yet, because a thanksgiving themed bandana can do the trick. For a dog, it feels like a normal collar but is much more fashionable.

Collar attachments

Another idea for dogs who dislike clothing is to purchase a collar attachment, with a Thanksgiving theme. It can be anything from a pumpkin, a turkey, pumpkin spice, or whatever you think is adequate. It can also be a bow tie, for example.

Holidays can be stressful for your furry friend, and clothes can help him cope with it better


Clothing can calm anxious dogs. There are also special dog clothes made for anxious dogs to help them relax during stressful times. Many pet owners say that the Christmas shirt has greatly softened their dogs. … In fact, it should be remembered that simply any type of clothing makes a dog calm.

Do dogs benefit from wearing clothes?

In addition to keeping your dog warm, clothing can also help with anxiety. The sense of security that comes from a comfortable T-shirt-like vest can be reassuring for anxious dogs.

Why do dogs like to lie on clothes?

The biggest reason for this behavior is the smell. A dog’s sense of smell is one of its strongest senses. He can clearly smell your scent on your clothes, whether they are clean or dirty. … Clothing, whether dirty or clean, gives your dog a soft, cushiony place to lie down.

Most dogs are gifted by nature with fur that protects them from cold and weather conditions. Dogs in coats are often the subject of ridicule and derisive comments, but coats, raincoats and even dog shoes are necessary for some dogs.

Which dogs need protection from the cold?

  • Those that have very short hair without an undercoat, such as boxers, some greyhounds, Staffordshire terriers, Dobermans, and similar breeds or dogs with such hair, do not tolerate low temperatures well because their hair is not thick enough and does not have additional insulation (undercoat) to protect them from the cold.
  • dwarf breeds and dogs with a smaller build have their stomachs and chests touching the snow-covered ground, get wet faster, and therefore have a harder time regulating their body temperature
  • puppies and young dogs are not yet sufficiently developed and do not have hair that protects them from the cold and cannot maintain and regulate their body temperature for a long time
  • sick dogs, for example, dogs suffering from diabetes, kidney disease, heart problems, etc. cannot regulate their body temperature like healthy dogs. Dogs suffering from arthritis should be kept dry and warm, so it is good to warm them additionally during cold days.
  • old dogs also have a hard time withstanding low temperatures
  • working dogs, such as search and rescue dogs, sled dogs, etc. often spend a long time outside in the cold and therefore need additional protection from the cold

On the market today, there are countless different types of coats, of different colors and designs, of different materials, with decorations, buttons, crystals, chains, bows, lace… Unfortunately, many are more attracted to fashion details and less to functional clothing.

The first and most important rule when choosing clothes is comfort! The coat must be of the right size, not too big, too thick, and not too tight, without too many accessories so as not to irritate the dog and bother it when it moves. Bulky coats with fur collars, hoods, and various decorations prevent them from moving freely and unhindered, and often limit their vision or get stuck in play. This you should keep in mind when you start shopping for the perfect outfit next Thanksgiving.