Dog Thrown Off Bridge Survives in Lithuania – Animal Cruelty

Dog Gets Thrown Off the Bridge - Animal Cruelty

A man in Lithuania who arranged to have himself filmed throwing a dog over the side of a bridge — and then posted the video online — was forced to turn himself in today after internet groups tracked him down and outed him. The video, posted on Lithuanian websites, quickly spread across the Internet, prompting Facebook groups and others … Read more

Dogs Looking Skeptical – Photographer Captures Silly Dog Moments

These dogs appear to share a common expression, something akin to what we humans might call skepticism. But the German photographer who put together the collection of outtakes from photo sessions in her studio calls it, “Dogs questioning the photographer’s sanity.” And who’s to say they aren’t? Elke Vogelsang, also known as Wieselblitz, is a … Read more